1920 = Minnesota Place Names - 1920 Original** - Brief historic comments on some of these places can be found here.
PO* = Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-1971, National Archives
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In Township
Alliance T
Averill V X Spring Prairie
Baker (Navan) V X Alliance
Barnes Glyndon
Barnesville (New Barnesville) C X Barnesville
Bethel T Changed to Hawley 1884
Burbankton Kurtz
Burlington Kurtz
Carleton Moorhead
Comstock V X Holy Cross
Cromwell T
Dale X Highland Grove
Dilworth (Little Italy) V X Moorhead
Douglas R Georgetown
Downer V X Elkton
Eglon T
Elkton T Originally named Garfield and Madison
Elmwood T
Felton T
Felton R X Felton
Finkle R Moorhead 
Flowing T
Georgetown (Old Georgetown, Selkirk) TP X Georgetown
Georgetown T
Glyndon T
Glyndon V X Glyndon
Goose Prairie T
Hagen T
Hawley (Yeovil) C X Hawley
Hawley T Originally Bethal Township
Highland Grove T
Hitterdal V X Goose Prairie 
Holy Cross  X Holy Cross
Holy Cross T
Humboldt T
Keene T
Keene X Keene
Kragnes X Kragnes
Kragnes T
Kurtz T
La Fayette (Shayenne City) Kragnes
Lambs R Oakport
Little Italy (Dilworth) X Moorhead
Manitoba Junction Highland Grove
Moland T
Moorhead T
Moorhead C X Moorhead
Morken T
Muskoda R X Hawley 
Naven (Baker) X Alliance
New Barnsville (Barnesville) X Barnesville
Oakport T
Odneland (Ulen) X Georgetown
Old Georgetown (Selkirk, Georgetown) X Georgetown
Onland (Ulen) X Georgetown
Oneland (Ulen) X Georgetown
Parke T Originally named Oak Grove, Park, Parktown
Real X
Riverton T
Rollag  X Parke
Rustad V Kurtz
Ruthruff R Moorhead
Sabin  V X Elmwood
Sarsfield Georgetown
Selkirk (Georgetown, Old Georgetown) X Spring Prairie
Shayenne City (La Fayette) X Kragnes
Sitomanee Kurtz
Skree T
Spring Prairie T
Stockwood X Riverton
Tansem T Originally named Lund
Ulen (Uhlen, Odneland, Onland, Oneland) X Ulen
Ulen T
Winnipeg Junction X Highland Grove
Viding T
Witherow Riverton
Yeovil (Hawley) X Hawley

**Minnesota Place Names - 1920 Original
Legend From the Publication:
C = City
R = Railway Station
T = Township
TP = Trading Post
V = Village
Clay County excerpt provided by Tim Stowell