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There are two thoughts on the origin of the Felton name. The most prominent is that of honoring Samuel Morse Felton by the Great Northern Railway. This writer found difficulty in finding Samuel as both Felton, Senior and Felton, Junior were involved in railroad management. The other origin is honoring William Felton a Wilkin County state representative from the 41st district in the 15th Minnesota Legislature (1873-74) but he apparently was not even in Minnesota in 1880.
Felton Township, is Township 142, Range 46. The city of Felton, is in sections 27, 28, 33, and 34 of the Township and was incorporated as a village on 7 March 1901. The first settlers of Felton in 1879 were from Augusta, Wisconsin. The post office was established that year, with Michael Shea, postmaster. In 1880, eight years after the track was laid through the area, the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad platted the village in section 10, a mile and a half south of the present location and there were 31 people. The village moved in 1883 to the present location.
The Felton Great Northern Railroad station was just northeast of the corner of Pacific Avenue and 5th Street. According to the 1915 Great Northeran Railroad Vaulation Record, the station was built in 1881 and measured 24'x60'.

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