Mrs. Carl Johan Knutson, 82, Dies Tuesday (1932)

Mrs. Carl Johan Knutson, 87, one of Eglonıs earliest pioneers, passed away at 3:30 Tuesday morning, December 13, after an illness of a few weeks at her home in Hawley. Both Mrs. Knutson and her husband have been in poor health owing to advanced age and had moved into Hawley this fall, where their daughter, Mrs. Ida Swenson could give them every assistance possible.
Mrs. Martine Knutson was born May 8, 1845 at Loitens Prestehjeld Hedemarken, Norway. Her parents were Loia (Olia) Engebretson and Ole Olson Matthisrud. She came to America in September 1879, going directly to Waco, Texas, where she was employed for two and a half years. Leaving Texas, she moved to St. Peter, Minnesota and after residing there for a short time, came to Hawley and took a homestead in Eglon Township.
On July 25, 1880 she was married to Carl Johan Knutson, who in the early days carried the mail from Oak lake (Near Lake Park) through Rollag vicinity. Following their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Knutson farmed the homestead which had been taken by Mrs. Knutson, until recent years.
Funeral services will be conducted from the home at one oıclock Friday afternoon and at 2:30 from the Hegland Church with Rev. Jonas Helland officiating. Mrs. Knutson was a charter member of the church and a faithful worker.
Survivors are her husband, and four children, Christian Knutson, Minneapolis; Ole Knutson, Ulen, Minnesota; Mrs. A. V. Swenson, Hawley; and Mrs. Frank Crowley, Hawley, Minnesota.

Obituary provided by Margit Bakke at margit@eot.com

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